08 – Anglès

Technical English consists of working in different aspects related to the main topics of administration, such as: Preparing and compiling documentation and entering data into the corporation’s database,performing tasks of administrative support for the daily operation of the company, classifying, filing and ordering documents according to the established criteria for document management, etc and this is taught basically through specialized material.

 Other important aspects that the student must know are the use of administrative techniques for writing mails, curriculums, memorandums, making telephone calls and dealing with aspects of selling and buying products and solving any commercial problem. It’s important to improve the oral skills, so we work with presentations, conversations, and there is an English assistant who helps with the speaking matter.

 We also prepare our students for the official Cambridge Exams, such as PET (B1) and First (B2) so they get the title which will help them to have a better curriculum in the future.


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